Mission Statement:

It is the Mission of the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority to provide ACCESSIBLERELIABLESAFEENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE, and COST-EFFECTIVE public transportation options for the BENEFIT of the Ann Arbor Area Community.


Benefits Accessible Safe Environmentally Responsible Reliable Cost Effective

Data updated from Fiscal Year 2016


TheRide seeks to work within our means to provide the best possible services to residents. In order to measure cost effectiveness and efficiency, we calculate costs per rider and per hour of service provided. Like most transit providers in the country, we receive federal and local subsidies in order to provide services, so we also measure and track the percentage of our costs that are covered by fares—fare box recovery ratio.

Local Fixed-Route - Cost Efficiency

cost efficiency local fixed route

Demand Response - Cost Efficiency

cost efficiency demand response

Local Fixed Route - Cost Effectiveness

Demand Response - Cost Effectiveness