Going Forward

In response to increasing global needs to address greenhouse gas (GHG) and climate change, TheRide formalized a Sustainability Policy and Plan in October 2015 to guide its environmental efforts, in balance with its economic and social commitments.

Download the documents here:

Click here to download the Executive Summary  Click here to download the Goals, Targets & Actions document  Click here to download the Plan Document  Click here to download the Appendix

Community Sustainability and Transit

Transit plays an essential role in the community and has direct and lasting impacts on livability, environmental quality, resilience, and economic prosperity.  

A well-used transit system:

-ensures affordable mobility to residents and workers, 

-reduces GHGs

-improves air quality

-facilitates smart land use and compact development

-conserves land

-decreases travel demand

-saves energy and other resources. 

TheRide strives to operate an effective and efficient transit service that has high-ridership, but also has sufficient coverage to meet rider and community needs.  Resources are carefully balanced to fulfill TheRide’s Mission of offering “accessible, reliable, safe, environmentally responsible, and cost effective… transportation options.”

TheRide each year

-carries 6.5 million fixed route riders

-accumulates 25.5 million passenger miles traveled

-offsets 4.1 million kilograms of CO2e (Scope 3 emissions)

Sustainable Operations

TheRide’s primary role in climate action and sustainability efforts is offering high-quality transportation options in an environmentally-responsible manner.  

TheRide has ensured sustainable operations through:

-investment in the largest known proportion of hybrid-electric buses fleet in the nation

-award-winning facility design

-extensive recycling

-thoughtful improvements to conserve resources. For instance over the last five years, TheRide reduced water usage by 43% by adjusting bus washing and reduced electricity usage at the main facility by 18.3%.