N-S Rail (WALLY) Current Efforts

This section lists recent efforts related to the North-South (WALLY) Commuter Rail Project. Of particular current interest is the research and development study being undertaking by the AAATA. The overall study work program is listed below. Watch this page for details, events and work products as they become available.

N-S Rail (WALLY) Feasibility Study - Work Plan

This is the work plan that was submitted to the funding agencies (Federal Highway Administration – FHWA, and Federal Transit Administration – FTA) for approval.

June 2014 Status Report

This document is a general status report on the N-S Rail Project.


N-S (WALLY) Commuter Railroad demonstration train in Howell, MI, August, 2014.  See the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5tbOzYgTfo