Who represents Washtenaw County?

The ten member RTA board consists of two representatives appointed by each county, one representative appointed by the mayor of Detroit, and one non-voting chair appointed by the Governor. 

Washtenaw County’s two board members are:

-Alma Wheeler Smith

-Liz Gerber  

How can I get involved?

The RTA’s websitehas the latest information, including details of upcoming board and committee meetings.

What will happen to the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority?

The Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (TheRide) has built a robust local transit system due to the consistent support from the citizens of Ann Arbor and other local communities. TheRide will continue to run, expand, and improve local transit services. TheRide's local millages remain under full control of TheRide's board. As the RTA develops, there will be opportunities to increase regional coordination and develop regional services.