A-Ride Eligibility

Applicants will be informed of their eligibility status in writing within 21 days of the date the completed application was submitted. If you have not received a notice by the end of this time period you may be given presumptive eligibility until a decision has been made. If the effects of your disability do not prevent you from riding the regular bus you may be eligible for TheRide's Fare Deal service. Please call TheRide (734) 794-1721 for more information . When an applicant has been found eligible, they will receive a letter of eligibility, the A-Ride User's Guide and an A-Ride ID card.

Eligibility Categories



Conditional eligibility will apply to individuals who are able to use TheRide’s regular fixed-route bus line for some trips, but may require A-Ride for other trips, or in special circumstances. Eligibility for A-Ride trips will be determined on a trip-by-trip basis and will be based on the individual’s functional ability to independently use TheRide’s regular fixed-route bus line for some trips, or part of a particular trip.  


Unconditional eligibility will apply to individuals who have been judged functionally unable to independently use regular fixed-route service in any circumstance. Temporary Temporary eligibility may apply to individuals with temporary disabilities that are expected to last at least three months or longer. Temporary eligibility lasts for the expected term of the disability or until a visually or cognitively impaired individual has become “mobility trained”, but in any event no longer than 12 months. After the 12-month period, individuals who were granted temporary eligibility must reapply and be reevaluated if they require continued use of A-Ride services.


If you are eligible for ADA paratransit services under another agency, and are visiting the Ann Arbor area, you may use A-Ride while you are visiting for up to 21 days within a one year period. If you do not have documentation of ADA paratransit eligibility, then you will need to complete only Part A of the A-Ride application. If your disability is not apparent, then you may be required to complete the A-Ride application for documentation of disability. Please contact AAATA at (734) 794-1721 prior to your visit or as soon as possible.