You may download the A-Ride Application, or call or write to TheRide’s main office to request a printed application.The A-Ride application is also available in alternative format, such as large print or audio, upon request. Applications, however, must be submitted to TheRide in written format. You may receive assistance from other people in filling out the application. Any person providing assistance must be identified on the application form in the designated space. You may contact TheRide for additional information at 734.973.6500.

A-Ride Application 

Completed applications will be reviewed for eligibility within 21 days from their submission. Eligibility determinations, on completed applications, not made within 21 days will result in the applicant being considered eligible until a determination is made. 

Upon submission of your completed application you may be contacted by TheRide’s Office for Eligibility Determinations to set up an interview to review your application. If you are required to participate in an in-person interview you will be provided a trip to and from your interview free of charge.  Failure to attend the interview will be conclusively deemed a withdrawal of the A-Ride application. Applicants required to meet in-person are encourage to bring any other documentation which you wish to have considered as part of the eligibility process.

A-Ride eligibility is based principally on the application form and the information submitted with it. An applicant must establish that he/she is functionally unable to use TheRide’s regular fixed route bus services. Please make sure that the application is complete. Incomplete applications will delay the review process. If any information is not true or misrepresents the facts, the applicant will be found ineligible. If the effects of your disability do not prevent you from riding the regular bus you may be eligible for TheRide's Fare Deal service.

Completed applications must be returned to:

A-Ride Eligibility Determinations, 2700 S. Industrial Hwy., Ann Arbor, MI 48104

For more information contact TheRide at (734) 794-1721