Getting to the Bus Stop

Wait at a designated bus stop with a waiting shelter or a bus stop sign.  While you're waiting, make sure you stand or sit where the bus driver can see you.

If there is ice or snow at the bus stop, wait at the nearest area that has been cleared (such as a driveway).

Get to your bus stop 5-10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

As the Bus Arrives

Before boarding a bus, check the route number and destination displayed on the sign above the windshield.  There may be more than one route running on some streets, so be sure to check that sign or ask the driver.

When waiting at a stop that is served by more than one route, signal to the driver that you want her/his bus by making eye contact or raising an arm without waving.

If you do not want a particular bus, step back and wave the bus on so the driver can proceed without stopping.

Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop to board.

Getting on the Bus

Have your fare, pass or identification card ready when you board.

All TheRide buses are low-floor, accessible vehicles, meaning there are no steps to climb and the bus has a ramp.  TheRide buses can "kneel" down to lower your step.  If you need any of these aids, ask the driver for assistance.

Board at the front door.