Large-Print Schedules

Large-print versions of all TheRide schedules are available upon request for the visually impaired.

Call 734.973.6500 to obtain large-print schedules.

Audio Cassettes

Call 734.973.6500 to obtain audio cassette tapes that describe each route for visually impaired riders. 

Facilities & Fleet

TheRide buses and facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities.

All TheRide buses are low-floor, accessible vehicles, meaning there are no steps to climb and the bus has a ramp.  TheRide buses can "kneel" down to lower your step. 

Buses are also equipped with an audio system that announces major destinations and transfer points along with an LED sign which simultaneously displays the destination and transfer point information.

Local Advisory Council

The Local Advisory Council (LAC) provides scheduled monthly meetings for people with disabilities and senior citizens interested in AATA services. Meetings are open to anyone. Anyone who attends is welcome to participate.

More information on the LAC is available here.