Loading Your Bike

  1. Once the bus stops, signal the operator to let her/him know you intend to load your bike onto the rack.
  2. If the rack is in the up position (folded against the bus), squeeze the release handle and pull the rack toward you into a horizontal position.
  3. Each rack can carry up to two bikes. If no other bike is on the rack, load your bike in the position closest to the bus.  Each position has two slots made for holding bike tires and a locking arm that secures the bike.  Place your bicycle so that the front tire is in the slot with the locking arm (the slot is labeled "front tire").
  4. Place the rear wheel into the remaining slot and pull the locking arm out and over the front tire as close to the bike frame as possible.
  5. Double check to make sure the locking arm is secure on the front tire.

Bicycle Policy

  • No special permit or advance reservation is required.  There is no charge to transport your bike.
  • For safety reasons, the operator will not leave the bus to assist you with the loading or unloading of bicycles.
  • Bicycle racks can carry two bikes at a time and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you choose to bring your bike and the rack is full, you will have to lock your bike up or wait for the next bus with available space on the bike rack.
  • While you wait for the bus, please remove any loose objects or personal items that could fall off your bike in transit.
  • Bicycles that are high enough to obstruct the view of the bus operator, recumbent bicycles, motorized bicycles, tandem bicycles, or bicycle tires that will not fit into the rack cannot be accepted on the bus.  Items that protrude from the bicycle, such as flags/poles and attached carts are not allowed.  When loading your bicycle, please first use the available rack position closet to the bus.  Thank you for riding, we appreciate your cooperation!
  • Please note that while your safety is very important to us, TheRide assumes no liability for injuries or damages incurred to bikes, personal property or persons while using the racks or riding the bus.