Winter Riding & Safety Tips

Taking the bus is a great way to get around this winter. Here are some tips to make it even easier and safer:




Stay Safe

When winter weather hits, leave plenty of time for your trip. Dress in layers to help stay warm. Since it gets dark early, wear reflective clothing or have a light, to ensure you are seen.



Where to Go in the Snow

If you use a bus stop with 50 or more passengers a day, TheRide’s maintenance crew will be there to clear the snow. We rely on property owners to help at the rest of our stops. If your bus stop is unsafe due to snow or ice, simply wait at the nearest and safest cleared area. To signal the driver to stop, raise your arm, without waving.



Track Your Bus

Severe weather may cause delays. Go to for tools to track your bus and sign up for alerts.



Know the Detours

If winter weather conditions become severe, these routes may be placed on detour: 

  • Route 21     Route 26     Route 27
  • Route 33     Route 47     Route 62



Visit or Give Us a Call

For more information on winter weather conditions that affect TheRide, go to or call 734-996-0400.  From all of us at TheRide, thank you for riding with us. We look forward to serving you this winter.