AirRide Amenities

The 2012 model year Prevost Michigan Flyer buses feature deluxe, ergonomic seating and ample leg room; individual aircraft-style climate controls and reading lamps; tinted Thermopane side windows offering panoramic views plus privacy; 110-volt AC outlets at each seat for powering mobile devices; free WiFi Internet connectivity; flat-screen video monitors; on-board lavatories; enclosed, overhead luggage racks; convenient cup holders; and the largest luggage capacity of any motorcoach available.

Free WiFi internet connectivity.

One innovative safety feature is an electronic stability system that enables drivers to avoid danger in adverse conditions, such as ice and snow. It monitors vehicle movement, wheel speed, steering angle, and lateral acceleration, then automatically applies brakes or reduces throttle if necessary to prevent skid or rollover.  Other advanced safety features include GPS; three-point retractable passenger seatbelts; an engine fire-detection and suppression system; and a tire pressure monitoring system.

110-volt AC outlets at each seat for charging mobile devices.

Ergonomic seating and ample leg room.

The new fleet―all state-of-the-art 2012 Prevost H3-45 coaches―is one of the first in Michigan to be equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, which combines Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Diesel Particulate Filters to produce near zero emissions.