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Transportation Benefits for UM Students, Faculty and Staff

U-M Partnership

U-M and the AAATA have a long history of cooperation and partnering in delivering high quality bus service to the Ann Arbor community. Over the years, the following partnerships have been formed:

  • Central Campus Transit Center
  • Service to and from Wolverine Tower (Route 36)
  • ExpressRide (commuter express bus service from Chelsea to Ann Arbor/U-M & Canton to Ann Arbor/U-M)
  • Park & Ride lots with free bus service for U-M faculty, staff and students

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MRide Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the unlimited access agreement?
The University has contracted with the AAATA to permit all active U-M faculty, staff and students to ride on all AAATA regular fixed route buses without paying a fare.

Will all Mcard IDs be valid for this service?
No. Mcards are sometimes issued to vendors, contractors and certain visitors. Only active U-M faculty, staff and students can participate – those with a valid yellow card. In addition, when students or employees leave the University, their Mcard ID is no longer considered valid.

What about retirees and emeritus professors?
Emeritus professors and retirees who have a continuing relationship with the University are issued Mcard IDs that will be valid for Unlimited Access privileges.

Are part-time students and temporary employees included?

Can I only ride the bus to and from work or school?
You can ride any day of the week, any time of day that the AAATA fixed-route service operates.

It’s only good on fixed route service. What services are excluded?
Special services such as ExpressRide, NightRide, A-Ride, AirRide, Senior Taxi Service, FootballRide, ArtFairRide and all other non-fixed route services are excluded from this agreement.

What do I have to do to ride for free? Do I need a bus pass?
No, you don’t need a bus pass. Just swipe your valid yellow Mcard ID when you board the bus.

How do I find out if AAATA bus routes will work for me?
AAATA services are available on hard copy (The Ride Guide) at over 250 community locations, including 44 campus sites, and at their offices on South Industrial or at the Blake Transit Center, or by calling the AAATA Customer Information Line at (734) 996-0400.