New Mobility

What Is New Mobility?

TheRide is always looking for new ways to innovate. New mobility means using emerging technology to improve transportation and create seamless connections between our services. New mobility helps us bridge the gaps in our network and solve accessibility challenges so you can more easily travel. 

Planning for the Future

TheRide is fine-tuning new and creative ways to improve the rider experience. Here are a few ways we plan to accomplish our goals for the future.

  1. Improve the way our community gets around

    Sharing transportation options to help everyone get where they need to be

    Innovative Methods

    Modes: Use newer, shared ride solutions for every-day public trips

    Programs: Create inclusive, flexible guidelines that support accessibility and sustainable projects


  2. Create travel connections that serve everyone

    Installing faster, safer, and more accessible equipment to support a healthy, attractive region

    Intelligent Infrastructure 

    Mobility Hubs: Build well-designed, collaborative spaces at key layover points to connect many different riders across multiple transport types with seamless efficiency, reliability, and comfort.

    Vehicles: Boost the way our system connects to buses, shared vehicles, and boarding places, while updating cyber-security for safety.

  3. Simplify transportation information

    Making it easier for all community members to navigate modern technology applications.

    Software Systems

    Tools: Integrate an easy-to-use smart phone app that combines real-time alerts, trip planning, and fare-payment features across various services for all riders.

    Data: Advance customer experiences through back-end data management to ensure great service.

    For more information, please read our draft innovative mobility choices.

Improvement Projects

Funding for the following projects is provided through the Michigan Mobility ChallengePlanet M, and SPARK.

Quantum Automated Wheelchair Securement

Virtually Autonomous Wheelchair Securements developed by Q'Straint are installed on 10 buses. Take our survey to provide feedback on this pilot program by calling 734-936-1113.

Check out the following articles and resources for more information about this pilot program:

Feonix Mobility Rising: Feonix-Connect App

TheRide is testing assistive real-time technology to help persons with disabilities navigate fixed routes and identify the exact location of pick-up and drop-off points. 

We are also developing Disability Awareness Training for Transportation Agencies through a half-day immersive workshop. Bus operators and dispatchers participate in hands-on activities to understand the challenges of mobility impaired riders trying to navigate the transit system.

Humanising Autonomy

TheRide is testing technology to predict pedestrian behavior and alert drivers to improve public safety.

Learn more about this technology

Mobile Day Pass Pilot @ a2Tech360

TheRide partnered with SPARK and Token Transit to test out a mobile day pass pilot for registered attendees of a2Tech360.

Check out the following resources for more information about this completed pilot: