Fixed-Route Fares

Get information on our various options for paying for a one-way trip on our fixed-route service, or see if you qualify for a reduced fare under programs offered through various employers and other sources.

Cash Fares
Full Fare, No ID Required - $1.50

Transfers are free and valid for 90 minutes from the time they are issued. A transfer may not be used for a return trip on the same route. If you need a transfer, please ask the driver when you board.

A-Ride and GoldRide Fares

Get information on fares for services for qualifying individuals, who cannot use fixed-route service due to a disability, or if you are a senior age 65 or older.

Reduced Cash Fares (I.D. Card Required)

  • Students in grades K-12, ages 6-18 Student School I.D. required upon request $0.75 
  • Children 5 and younger No I.D. required - Free
  • Fare Deal Senior ID Card - $0.75
  • Fare Deal Income ID Card - $0.75
  • Fare Deal Disability ID Card - $0.75
  • A-Ride ID Card - FREE fixed-route buses
  • GoldRide ID Card - FREE on fixed-route buses
  • U-M Mcard - FREE on fixed-route buses
  • EMU students - $40.60 (30% discount) for unlimited fixed-route rides for 30 days
  • WCC ID Card - FREE boardings at main WCC fixed-route bus stop only