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How Can We Help You?

At TheRide, we're here to serve you. We encourage customers to reach out with questions, comments, and concerns. Our customer service team is ready to help.

Example: on bus, at Platt Rd, at Blake Transit Center


For additional help, please call us at 734-973-6500 M-F 8am-5pm.

Lost & Found

If you believe you have lost an item using our service, call 734-973-6500. TheRide is not responsible for lost items. Items turned in are held for two weeks, then disposed of.

Freedom of Information Act

The Michigan Freedom of Information Act (Public Act No. 442 of 1976), or FOIA, enforces every citizen's right to access government documents.

Please address FOIA requests to:

AAATA FOIA Coordinator
2700 S. Industrial Hwy
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

FOIA Public Summary of Procedures and Guidelines



Translations Assistance

Limited English Assistance


For translation assistance, please call: 734-973-6500. 

Community Resources that may provide translation/language assistance: 





Rider Information

Call: 734-996-0400