COVID-19 Updates & Information

COVID-19 Updates and Information

Vaccine Transportation

(Posted: 3/16/21) TheRide is partnering with the Washtenaw County Health Department to provide transportation to the vaccine site at the EMU Convocation Center.  Take Rt 222: Vaccine Shuttle from either the Blake Transit Center or the Ypsilanti Transit Center.  

If you have any questions, please call Customer Service at 734-996-0400.

Western-Washtenaw Area Value Express (WAVE) has partnered with the Washtenaw County Health Department to provide transportation to the vaccine site at Pierce Lake Elementary School. Learn more by contacting WAVE.

Rt 222 Boarding Location Maps

Rt 222 Vaccine Shuttle BTC Boarding Location Map
Rt 222 Vaccine Shuttle YTC Boarding Location Map

TheRide remains dedicated to protecting the health and safety of its riders and employees. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will take a cautious and measured approach to phase in service focused on physical distancing, key corridors and essential trips. We strongly request that community members and area businesses work together to help “flatten the rush-hour curve” to reduce the spread of the virus. We also strongly encourage community members to ride the bus for essential trips only and to follow our health and safety tips.

Face masks are required by law when waiting for and riding the bus.

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Find out what we're doing to continue to keep you safe.

Latest News

Update 18 (5/25/21):  

Update 17 (3/4/21):  

Temporary Service Plan:

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Fixed-Route Service:

Demand Response Service: 

FlexRide Service:

Rider tools on such as bus tracking, trip planning and schedule by route will be updated and revised as quickly as possible as changes are made due to COVID-19. Please note: Service changes may not be reflected in Google Transit or other third party trip planning apps. For help planning your trip:

  • Visit
  • Call 734-996-0400 to speak to an Information Specialist for route information, reservations for A-Ride or other business-related questions during normal business hours
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TheRide is taking additional precautions to help stop the spread of the virus:

  • All vehicles and facilities are being regularly cleaned and high-touch areas disinfected with protocols as recommended by the CDC
  • All staff continue to receive a supply of sanitation supplies and are encouraged to follow the CDC’s hygiene guidelines
  • TheRide has instituted social distancing among employee work environments, with most staff working remotely, all business travel canceled, and in-person meetings discouraged
  • Signs to keep riders 6 feet from each other are on bus seats, on benches, buildings and shelters at Transit Centers
  • Fewer passengers are allowed on each bus. The driver will monitor this and contact a dispatcher to send another bus to serve remaining passengers along the route.
  • The Ypsilanti Transit Center is temporarily closed
  • The lobbies at the Blake Transit Center and 2700 S. Industrial are open for customer transactions only
  • Lost and found collections are temporarily suspended until further notice. TheRide will attempt to secure wallets/purses and cellphones whenever possible. TheRide is not responsible for lost items.
  • Buses are being equipped with a plastic barrier separating the motor coach operator (MCO) and the passengers 
  • MCOs are provided with the following items for use:
    • Face masks
    • Gloves
    • Face Shields

TheRide asks its passengers to take additional precautions to help stop the spread of the virus:

  • Face masks are required by law when waiting for and riding the bus
  • Approach the driver only if there's an emergency

TheRide remains dedicated to the health and safety of its riders and employees and reminds riders and employees of healthy habits from the CDC:

  • Face masks are required by law when waiting for and riding the bus
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • Stay home when you are sick, if possible. This helps prevent spreading your illness to others
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing
  • Wash your hands often to help keep germs away. If soap and water are unavailable, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces



How long will TheRide operate reduced service?

We will operate on a reduced schedule for as long as there are concerns and directives imposed on traveling and social distancing. We will follow all orders and guidelines of federal, state and local authorities.

TheRide introduced a temporary service plan that began on August 30.  In mid-November, we will be implementing some updates to the service plan as a step towards restoring service.


How did you decide what routes to suspend and what routes to keep with the temporary service plan?

We had five guiding principles when developing the temporary plan:

  • 60% of previous service hours
  • Focus on high ridership routes
  • High frequency to allow for social distancing
  • Simplify routing to ease the ability to add overflow buses
    • A full bus is 20 people, a third of what a full bus was pre-pandemic
    • We are simplifying routes by eliminating route variations and few interlined routes to help add service as ridership increases
  • Use FlexRide (demand response) where fixed route is not practical


Are fares being collected?

Fare collection resumed on August 2. Fares may be purchased at:

Blake Transit Center: Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Saturday, 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

TheRide Main Office (2700 S. Industrial): Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Other in person locations can be found at:

Online at:

You can purchase mobile tickets by downloading the EZFare app.


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