COVID-19 Updates & Information

Learn the latest impacts on service and what we're doing at TheRide to keep our riders and drivers safe from COVID-19. 

COVID-19 Updates & Information

Fixed Route

TheRide's fixed-route bus system is our most widely used service, connecting you to nearly every corner of the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Area. Our fixed-route buses play an important role in moving and shaping our community.

A woman boarding the bus in downtown Ann Arbor.

Commute Into Ann Arbor

  • Park & Ride

    Park your car for free and walk a short distance to the nearest fixed-route bus stop.

  • Carpool

    Find a group of people with a similar daily commute and create a carpool, or find an existing group to join.

  • Vanpool

    Share a van and split commuter costs among your fellow vanpool riders.

Accessible & Senior Services

TheRide is committed to providing everyone with comfortable, safe transportation. Find out if you qualify to use A-Ride, our shared, reservation-based accessibility service.

Learn more about A-Ride