Mobile Ticketing

Buy tickets anytime, anywhere. Store tickets and passes on your phone for future use. No need to purchase tickets and passes in advance. No need to carry exact change. Get real time information on bus arrival. All with EZfare!

EZfare makes transit simple and safer.

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How It Works

1. Download the app to your Android or Apple phone.

2. Select TheRide from the list of available transit agencies.

3. Select "buy tickets" to purchase fares or go to your ticket wallet to use a pre-purchased fare (skip to step 5).

4. Select the type of ticket you want to purchase and payment information.

5. Open the ticket wallet and select the type of ticket you want to use.

6. Activate the ticket just before boarding the bus, and your phone becomes your ticket!

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Can I pay for my mobile ticket with cash?

Not at this time, but this may be possible with future improvements. Any pre-paid debit card with a major card servicer, however, can be used for payment.

Can I use this ticket on any bus?

The type of ticket will determine where you can use it. The fixed-route ticket may be used on any route that has a number. The A-Ride scrip may be used for A-Ride services by eligible users.

Can I use the app with my MCard or go!pass?

No. The app currently doesn't have any integrations for our special passes for business customers at this time. The current project plan calls for integrating other passes in later phases if this initial project is successful.

How long is my active mobile ticket available on my phone?

Your active mobile ticket is only available for 20 minutes, starting at the time it is activated from the Ticket Wallet.

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Purchase Your Fare

Do you have the app downloaded? Are you ready to purchase a ticket now? You can purchase tickets for your account through the web as well, just click the link below.

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