Safety & Security

TheRide works hard every day to ensure the safety and security of our riders and employees. This includes hiring and training employees, operating and maintaining vehicles, and identifying, removing, or controlling safety hazards.

On-Bus Safety & Security

In an emergency situation, bus drivers can summon police and medical assistance for help. All buses are connected to a radio system that works with our dispatch center to assess, prioritize, and manage on-board emergencies.

In addition, our vehicles use technology to deter criminal activity and ensure your safety including security cameras, audio microphones, and mobile video recording systems.

Facility Safety & Security

Benches, shelters, signs, and landscaping are positioned to enhance visibility and safety, while allowing easy access to enter and exit our vehicles. Security guards are used at transit centers for pedestrian and passenger safety. 

Buses parked at Blake Transit Center

See Something, Say Something

Help us ensure the safety and security of the traveling public and prevent acts of violence, theft, and disruptive behavior. If you notice suspicious activity while riding the bus or while waiting at our facilities, please make a report to local law enforcement or to one of our employees. 

When reporting suspicious activity, think in terms of:

  • WHO – did you see
  • WHAT – did you see
  • WHEN – you saw it
  • WHERE – it occurred
  • WHY – it's suspicious

Emergency Actions

In the event of an emergency, please listen carefully and follow instructions to help us respond to the situation. TheRide provides emergency action notifications and conducts safety drills to better prepare our riders and employees on how to respond if a real emergency were to occur (e.g. fire, severe weather, other).

Based on the type of emergency, you may be instructed to either evacuate the bus/facility or shelter in place. A complete evacuation may be necessary to allow first responders to access the place of the emergency. Given that facility space is limited, we may direct you to a nearby location to seek shelter.

Other Safety Tips

While Riding

  • If you have questions for the bus driver, please wait until the bus is stopped to prevent distracted driving.
  • Always stay behind the yellow line on the bus while it is in motion

Boarding & De-Boarding

  • Pay close attention to the location of the bus mirrors
  • Pay close attention to movement of the doors and ramp
  • Use the handrails for stability and safety

At Transit Centers

  • No pedestrian traffic in the bus lanes
  • Stand back away from the curb while waiting on the bus to arrive

Winter Riding

TheRide operates all year, even during the winter months. Here are a few safety measures and rider tips to keep in mind if you plan to ride the bus this winter.

  • Give yourself extra travel time. Dressing in layers will help you stay warm. Wear reflective clothing or have a light to ensure you are seen in the dark.
  • Only major bus stops are regularly cleared of snow. If your bus stop is unsafe due to snow or ice, please wait at the nearest and safest cleared area and signal to the driver when your bus approaches.
  • Severe weather may cause delays. Use your phone to track your bus or sign up for service alerts.
  • Some routes are placed on detour during severe weather. Sign up for MyAlerts to get detour updates and other notifications.

For more information on winter weather conditions that affect TheRide, call our office at 734-996-0400.