Commuters Conquer the Cold

Commuters Conquer the Cold

Downtown Ann Arbor in Winter

Ann Arbor area commuters rack up miles using alternative transportation

 ANN ARBOR, MI – The getDowntown Program is pleased to congratulate all those who walked, rolled, carpooled, and used the bus during the Conquer the Cold challenge. The annual campaign engaged 214 participants who demonstrated that it is possible to get around without driving alone during the winter months.

Between January 10 and February 10, 2023, participants recorded 6,430 trips while covering a distance greater than traveling around the earth’s equator 2.5 times – all without driving alone.

“We experienced all types of winter weather from clear skies and sun to rain and blizzards during the challenge,” stated Lilliane Webb, getDowntown Director. “Participants showed their adaptiveness to the coldest months of the year by leaving cars parked and finding other ways to travel to local destinations. Their enthusiastic dedication to alternative transportation was inspiring and we hope this challenge helped kick start a new way of commuting for individuals.”

Teleworking and carpools trips contributed the most to the total distance reported by participants. These alternative transportation options provide potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions when used as a substitute for driving alone. According to estimations from the challenge website, participants saved 13 times more fuel and greenhouse gases than they burned or produced during the challenge.

Conquer the Cold is one of several programs of TheRide that encourages commuters to use alternative transportation instead of a personal vehicle. Those looking to change their commute can contact TheRide at any point during the year for information. Upcoming alternative commute events include The Commuter Challenge and Bike to Work Day in May.