TheRide Announces Lower Pass Prices and a New Half-Fare Day Pass

TheRide Announces Lower Pass Prices and a New Half-Fare Day Pass

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Prices go into effect August 28, 2022


ANN ARBOR, MI –  The Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (TheRide) has announced that effective August 28, it will be reducing the cost for 30-Day and 1-Day unlimited ride passes and introducing a new half-fare one-day pass.

Starting August 28, 2022, the pass prices will be:


Period Pass Type           Description                                            New Fare Pass Price                       Savings from Current Price
                                                                                                           Effective Aug. 28, 2022

30-Day Flex Pass          Valid for unlimited rides for             
                                         30 days on fixed-routes, FlexRide                 $45.00                                           22% Savings
                                         East and West

30-Day Value Pass       Valid for unlimited rides for 30 days
                                          on fixed-routes, FlexRide East and West    $22.50                                           22% Savings
                                          Proper identification required.*

Adult 1-Day Pass           Valid for unlimited rides for 1-Day
                                          on fixed-routes, FlexRide East and West    $3.00                                            33% Savings

Half-Fare 1-Day Pass     Valid for unlimited rides for 1-Day
                                           on fixed-routes, FlexRide East and West    $1.50                                             New
                                             Proper identification required* 

* An AAATA issued reduced fare identification card or K-12 student identification is required when boarding the bus with this pass. To obtain a reduced fare identification card, visit or call 734-996-0400.

All 30-Day passes are valid 30 days from the date after the first use of the pass. The 1-Day passes are valid until the end of the day it was activated.

Other price changes approved by the AAATA Board of Director’s and implemented during the pandemic include, eliminating the $2 dollar surcharge for traveling outside Ann Arbor when using the FlexRide Night/Holiday Service and allowing the use of a transfer for up to 90 minutes to make a return trip.

“The lower pass prices are more equitable and they enhance the benefits of using transit over the higher costs of driving and parking.” Matt Carpenter, CEO of TheRide said.

Passes can be purchased online, in person, and through the mobile ticketing app, EZFare.

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, TheRide continues to enforce the established preventive measures to keep both riders and drivers safe:

  • Face masks are recommended to be worn, though not required.
  • The driver is to be approached for emergencies only.
  • Buses are cleaned with CDC-recommended protocols.
  • Plastic barriers are added to separate drivers and riders on fixed-route buses.
  • Sanitation supplies are provided to employees.
  • Masks, gloves and face shields are provided for drivers’ use.
  • Lost and Found collection has been temporarily suspended.


The latest information on TheRide’s routes, schedules and detours is available at 734-996-0400 and on