Ypsilanti Transit Center

Ypsilanti Transit Center

Ypsilanti Transit Center

The Ypsilanti Transit Center serves as a vital link for the City of Ypsilanti and Ypsilanti Township communities to access local bus service, which connects citizens to work, appointments, shopping and more within the greater Ann Arbor - Ypsilanti area.

Ypsilanti Transit Center Reconstruction

The current facility has outlived its useful life; the increased demand for service and planned increase in service levels have made it necessary to develop plans for a new transit center. This project includes planning, development and construction of a new transit center in the City of Ypsilanti for the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority.

Service enhancements planned in the TheRide 2045 and supported through the millage passed in August 2022 means that the Ypsilanti Transit Center is at a critical point for redevelopment to ensure it meets the needs of our system and communities.

Project Details

The new Transit Center will be the heart of Ypsilanti’s expanded transit services for decades to come. Riders and the community will benefit from enhanced comfort, convenience and safety in the core of Downtown Ypsilanti. The new center will be designed to accommodate growth and emerging transportation technology to support Ypsilanti well into the future.

Promises kept with the Long-Range Plan investment:

  • Connecting the community to work, business and entertainment
  • Accommodate growth from the transit system
  • Improve overall customer experience

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