TheRide 2045

TheRide has been an essential resource in the greater Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area for more than 50 years. It has grown incrementally based on community needs; providing fixed-route bus service, on-demand services like A-Ride and FlexRide, and commuter services like vanpooling and park-and-ride lots.

TheRide 2045 Long-Range Plan provides a vision for a long-term system plan and shorter-term implementation steps for public transit in the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area. The plan focuses on improving social equity by increasing access to jobs and housing, while also contributing to a cleaner environment and a vibrant economy.

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Phase 1 - 2023-2028

The AAATA team is working hard to implement the first five years of the Long-Range Plan. With support from the millage, we will maintain and expand current service levels. Scheduled for implementation in Fall of 2024, these include:

  • 30-minute frequencies during the day on all routes, every day of the week
  • Longer hours of operation
  • An expansion and enhancement of overnight on-demand service
  • A pilot limited-stop service on Washtenaw Avenue that aims to improve one-way running time to around 30 minutes

Beyond these operational enhancements, the AAATA team will begin planning and design for various capital projects, such as a new bus garage, renovation and/or expansion of our transit centers, and transit priority/bus rapid transit on major corridors.

Finally, AAATA will continue our efforts to improve accessibility on fixed-route services through better integration with A-Ride.


TheRide 2045 is a Long-Range Plan for transit in the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area. The plan lays out a shared vision and strategy for transit up to 2045.

It focuses on addressing social equity gaps by improving affordable and accessible transportation to jobs, education, services, and housing, improving our environment by giving travelers efficient transportation alternatives, and supporting a strong economy by better connecting businesses and people. The result will be a more competitive transit system that will grow ridership, resulting in a more sustainable and vibrant community.


TheRide 2045 recommends incorporating many community preferred projects. The plan reflects a transformational shift to the entire transit system. Our public and stakeholder engagement has helped us to determine which projects need to move forward and in what order.

Our recommendation is to implement a high frequency network with transit priority features that improves reliability, social equity, transportation related emissions, and accessibility for all community members.

The Long-Range Plan recommendation includes:

  • Two bus rapid transit lines; one along Washtenaw Ave. and another that would travel from the northside of Ann Arbor to the Briarwood area
  • 15 minutes or better service on most routes throughout the service area
  • 10 minute or better service with priority features on high-use corridors
  • A minimum of 30-minute frequency service throughout the service area, 7-days per week
  • Improvements to serve for people with disabilities and seniors
  • Later weekend and weeknight service hours

To support the improved service levels, investment into infrastructure is needed. This includes:

  • Garage expansion
  • Updates to the Blake Transit Center and Ypsilanti Transit Center
  • New transit hubs
  • Technology enhancements
  • Bus stop amenities like benches, shelters, etc.